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Those who love the iPhone, will swear by how easy and functional these smartphones are. But apart from offering the basic features that are used on a daily basis by users, there are a few hidden gems that not many people know about. One such feature is turning your iPhone into a magnifying glass.

This is a feature that uses the iPhone’s camera app to increase the size of anything you may point it at, making it clearer and eas y to see the details. Follow these steps to enable this feature:

1) Open Settings and tap on General

2) Tap on Accessibility and then head to Magnifier

3) Toggle on enabling the Magnifier feature

4) Now, to use this feature, click on the home button (for iPhone 8 and earlier models) or the side button (for the iPhone X).

But that is not all that users can do in the magnifier app as there are a few internal options and settings at the users’ disposal to make the most of this feature.

In the magnifier, users have the option of zooming-in on the object they are focussing on. This can be done using the slider to adjust the level of magnification. There is also an option to turn the flashlight in the Magnifier app that looks like the lightning bolt.

Also, users have an option of locking the focus of the magnifier app using the Focus Lock button, using the padlock button. Moreover, there is an option of freeze frame and to zoom-in and out on a still image. This can be done using the bottom centre button on the screen.

Besides this, there is also an option to adjust the brightness and contrast, using the filters buttons and tap and drag the sliders to reach the optimum level of resolution. When you tap the filters button, you will also see the filters such as White/blue, Yellow/blue, Grayscale, Yellow/black and Red/black. Users can also invert these colours using the Invert Filters button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

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