Lumentum Showcases 100G Single Lambda PAM4 EML Demo And Highlights Optical Networking Solutions At OFC … – PR Newswire (press release)

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Lumentum will showcase live 100G single lambda and 400G FR4 demonstrations, as well as an extensive catalog of optical modules and transceivers.

Live 100G Single Lambda Demonstration:

Lumentum will demonstrate a 100G single lambda Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) compliant QSFP28 transceiver. The transceiver features PAM4 higher order modulation technology to transmit 100G over a single wavelength, as well as an IEEE compliant CAUI-4 electrical interface. The latter ensures that the module is electrically compatible with existing 100G QSFP28 ports. Lumentum continues to leverage its externally modulated laser (EML) to enable high data rates and provide performance margin. The 100G Single Lambda is essential as a building block for 400G modules using four lanes of 100G transmission to provide a cost-effective solution to 400G client-side transmission.

Live 400G Demonstrations:           

Lumentum will showcase its high-speed transceiver platform with an interoperability demonstration between 400G QSFP-DD FR4 and OSFP FR4 optical modules. As global data transmission demands increase, optical interconnects must scale accordingly, and data centers will drive the transition from 100G interconnects to 400G. By showcasing both QSFP-DD and OSFP, Lumentum confirms its commitment to data center and cloud networking applications.

100G Transceivers:

Lumentum has a broad portfolio of 100G optical transceivers and has a proven track record of technology leadership, first-to-volume capability, and relentless pursuit of cost-effective solutions. At OFC, Lumentum will have on hand a full array of 100G products including:

  • QSFP28 SR4: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 100 m on OM4 multimode fiber.
  • QSFP28 CWDM4: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 2 km on duplex single-mode fiber.
  • QSFP28 LR4: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 10 km on duplex single-mode fiber. They support both Ethernet and OTN rates with a maximum power dissipation of 3.5 W.
  • 4WDM-10, 20: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 10 km and 20 km on duplex single-mode fiber extending the reach of CWDM4 and LR4 platforms through the use of FEC on the host card. Supporting both Ethernet and OTN rates with a maximum power dissipation of 3.5 W.
  • CFP2/CFP4 LR4: transceivers support links of up to 10 km on duplex, single-mode fiber.

SDN Optical Whitebox/Graybox Platform:

Lumentum’s SDN optical whitebox/graybox platform offers fully-qualified network-ready hardware with open interfaces for system integrators seeking to rapidly integrate with their networking software layer. Variants such as Terminal Amplifier, Line Amplifier, ROADM, Transport Mux/Demux, and Optical Fiber Monitoring are available on this platform for system integrators to construct solutions for data center interconnect (DCI), multi-degree colorless/directionless ROADM, and network monitoring applications.

High-speed Optical Modulators:  Lumentum continues to support metro, regional, and long-haul coherent networks with a portfolio of high-performance, Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)-compliant, Mach Zehnder lithium-niobate modulators. In addition to current models supporting 100G, 200G, and 400G applications, a 64 Gbaud, OIF-compliant modulator is now available for sampling, with general availability expected in Q4 of 2018. Lumentum is also engaged with both the OIF and customers to define next-generation modulators utilizing both Indium Phosphide (InP) and Silicon Photonics (SiP) technologies needed to enable dense, high performance modules for use in metro and data center interconnect applications.

TrueFlex® Portfolio: Lumentum is continuing to drive the next generation of TrueFlex solutions. The newest solutions are showcased at OFC and include:

  • TrueFlex Single-slot Super Transport Blades: featuring the Micro 1×9, the Micro Twin 1×9, and the Nano 1×9, Optical Channel Monitor, Switchable-Gain Preamp EDFA, and Variable-Gain Booster EDFA.
  • TrueFlex Multicast Switch portfolio: featuring the Twin 4×4 multicast switch and the upgradeable Twin 8×16 switch. These products continue to push the envelope for contentionless add/drop capacity and density.
  • TrueFlex Optical Channel Monitoring Portfolio: featuring the Quad OCM, and the Tunable Filter OCM. These solutions offer fixed and gridless scanning for power monitoring blades and single-slot ROADM blades.

About Lumentum

Lumentum (NASDAQ: LITE) is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products enabling optical networking and commercial laser customers worldwide. Lumentum’s optical components and subsystems are part of virtually every type of telecom, enterprise, and data center network. Lumentum’s commercial lasers enable advanced manufacturing techniques and diverse applications including next-generation 3D sensing capabilities. Lumentum is headquartered in Milpitas, California with R&D, manufacturing, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, visit


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